Chattahoochee Fall Line Conservation Partnership


pineconeThe mission of the Chattahoochee Fall Line Conservation Partnership (CFLCP) is to provide technical expertise, strategic coordination, and leveraged resources for land conservation and ecosystem restoration in west Georgia’s and east Alabama’s Fall Line Sandhills in a manner compatible with the partners’ conservation objectives, including the Army’s ability to conduct military training on Fort Benning.

pineconeOur vision for the Chattahoochee Fall Line is a sustainable landscape of native wildlife and plant communities that includes longleaf pine woodlands; Fall Line streams and wetlands; habitat for the red-cockaded woodpecker and gopher tortoise; rare plant and animal communities of sandhills, slopes, and wetlands; wildlife conservation; and working farms and forests. Such a landscape is economically sustainable and supports forestry, farming, hunting and other outdoor recreation, healthy watersheds, and tourism– and simultaneously protects the military training mission at Fort Benning.

What is the Fall Line? 

The “Fall Line” is an ancient shoreline that extends across the Southeast where clay soils give way to sandier soils, and rivers and streams “fall” from higher to lower elevations. In Georgia and Alabama it stretches from Augusta to Columbus and into Alabama west of Montgomery. The Chattahoochee Fall Line is the area where the Chattahoochee River watershed overlaps the Fall Line.

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For centuries, families have enjoyed the natural beauty and open spaces of the Chattahoochee Fall Line. It is a place of diverse wildlife, where longleaf pine forests provide shelter for rare gopher tortoises and red-cockaded woodpeckers, and provide a hunting ground for bobwhite quail and white-tailed deer. It is a place where wetlands showcase unusual pitcher plants and wild orchids. It is a place where people live off the land and actively manage their forests and farms. Today, a growing population and expanding development are compromising the character of the Chattahoochee Fall Line.

The Chattahoochee Fall Line Conservation Partnership believes that by working together we can leave future generations in West Georgia and East Alabama with healthy land, clean water and a strong rural economy.

Mission and Vision Statements

CFLCP Overview Handout 

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